About Us

The association is meant for children, young people and parents. The objectives of the Association are raising the quality of life of children and young people, helpful and active use of their leisure time, providing specific support to children and young people to successfully solve problems they encounter during their growing up and maturing, and encouraging personal growth and development of volunteer work.

Also, we are working on promoting non-formal education of young people, encouraging active citizenship, encouraging cooperative partnership of citizens, local government and state institutions in the development program of the Families and Youth, and motivating, training and educating members to work independently to create a program to encourage volunteerism. Currently associations concerned about two hundred children. The Association consists of nine active youth volunteers who work with large and the human heart.

VISION OF THE ASSOCIATION: We strive to encourage active citizenship, which will result in co-operation of citizens and local communities, the development of social awareness, solidarity and altruism, and we thus achieve psycho-physical health of children, youth and families.

MISSION OF THE ASSOCIATION: The basic values ‚Äč‚Äčthat support the realization of our objectives are: solidarity, tolerance, humanity and altruism; create a positive environment, raising awareness of socially responsible individuals and corporate social responsibility.