- Help in learning the subjects: Mathematics, Croatian and English for primary school.
– Creative Workshop



The value and importance of children’s artistic expression is not know how to draw or paint, opet izbrisan dio but how child sees, finds or discovers the world that surrounds him- tree, house, sun, etc. Children’s drawings or pictures open the door of the child’s inner world – imagination, desires, dreams, fears.
Art workshops are designed for children of primary school age. The work is performed in groups of up to 15 students.

The objectives of the program

1st Develop and encourage creative expression
2nd Development and promotion of artistic creativity
3rd Acquiring new knowledge and skills in art technique
4th Developing and encouraging teamwork, cooperation


1st Drawing techniques – pencil, crayon, black ink, crayons, oil pastels
2nd Painting techniques – watercolor, colored shower, markers, water crayons, finger paints, acrylic paints
3rd Sculpture techniques – clay, collage paper, dough

Dynamics: once a week (Tuesdays, 18:00 to 20:00)