“Can you hear me?”

“Can you hear me?”

In cooperation with the Association of the deaf and hard of hearing “Svjetlost” from Solin organize free sign language course for those who want to learn.

The course starts 07.04.2011. at 18.30h for adults, and 19.30 for children in the Center for Children, Youth and Family, Zvonimirova 121. The course will be held once a week, through the months of April and May, will last one hour each group. The educator: Jakša Korda.

Deaf mute members of our community are living world of silence and the constant conflict in communication. They speak Croatian language but sign  Croatian language. Association of the deaf and hard of hearing “Svjetlost” in Solin has forty members. For these people, and many more of those who are not registered in an association, a life in silence brings many difficulties. We now have the opportunity to make our local community sensible to this diversity.

For all your inquiries can be contacted on tel. 021/260 557.

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