Center for Children, Youth and Family

Center for Children, Youth and Family

The scope of work of the Centre includes prevention at all levels: primary, secondary and tertiary. This model of investment in the positive development of children, youth and families, raising the quality of their everyday life in the community that recognizes their needs and their value and usefulness to the community itself. General strategies to prevent manifest through:

1st strengthening the capacity (internal priority) of children, youth and families
2nd strengthening protective factors and reducing risk in the community

Specific objectives of the program and activities of the Centre:

* Gathering and protection of children and young people
* Satisfying the needs of children, youth and family community
* An active and beneficial use of leisure time for children and young people
* To provide specific support to children, youth and families to successfully solve problems they encounter during their growing up, maturing
* Encourage personal development (acquisition of new knowledge and skills)
* Prevention of problems of growing up children and young people
* Improvement of interpersonal relationships in the local community
* Encourage the development of volunteer work
* Information on various social and psychological services that may be useful to individuals (other associations and institutions of its services are appropriate, given the needs of users).
* Practical training of students of helping professions working with children, youth and families
* Promotion of cooperation with NGOs and institutions working with children, youth and families

Programs of the Center are intended to:

* Pre-school children
* Children without perceived difficulty of the programs and activities include individual and / or a call for ensuring the heterogeneity of the population, successful integration and prevent the stigmatization of children with disabilities
* Children at risk with identified disabilities (behavior disorders, learning difficulties, etc.)
* Parents, the whole family

The Center for Children, Youth and Family is funded and supported by City of Solin.

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